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Saryn Or Vauban



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Saryn is for damage, Vauban is for utility. Completely opposite of each other in the combat purpose spectrum. It's all preference-based.


I prefer vauban because Soma does so much damage anyways.

Damage it is then... though utility is great..



I dunno. Maybe I should flip a coin.. :l

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Got both hand Love them both,saryn is just maxed quicker because her ult kills everything,vauban is perfect for crowd control and defense with bastille and vortex,saryn's ult is straight up damage wich ignores armor.Like someone said they both got completely different roles.

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I'd say both.

its kinda hard to pick which is better because in later games and higher levels damage and utility go hand in hand.

you need damage to kill the enemies but it isn't always enough when they can hit harder than you. 

Utilities is their to back you up, to divert, control, buff and snare.


same goes for utility you can't hold them forever. They have to be deposed off in a quick and effective manner not just pushed aside.

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All up to play style, both are very effective.


Saryn has a tricky to use (for some) 1 ability, but super deadly if used right.  Her 2 is a decoy-like which will draw enemies to it.  Her 3 is if you like to melee, otherwise not very good (I personally like it).  Her 4 is "SPLOOOOSIONSSSS??!!!?!!".


Vauban's 1 is spammable and can rack up decent damage.  His 2 is kind of useless, but can be fun to play around with.  His 3 is considered "must have" for a lot of defense type missions, the ultimate Crowd Control ability.  And his 4 is underappreciated by many, has very good CC and adds in damage.


Like most of the others have said, totally depends on how you like to play the game.  Personally with Saryn, I find I have to make excuses to use anything other than 4 - the others can be good, but it's kind of like "why bother?" if I could just nuke everything.  Vauban you'll use 2-3 of his powers regularly.


The last thing I can tell you is that Saryn's stats are very good - she is much more survivable than Vauban when direct combat is unavoidable.


Hope that helps!

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Saryn is pure dps and very tanky, Vauban on the other hand is really weak but covers that with the massive utility potential.


It falls down to a personal preference. Personally I like the Saryn more because of the tankyness.

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