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Ember's 4th Ability targeting pet


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I have just noticed after the update that the 4th ability of Ember is targeting my Pet, it uses energy but it's not damaging it


Edit: It seems like it is not a permanent thing as it's not doing it in the next mission, but it still happened in the last mission, so I'll keep it as a bug report

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2 hours ago, MrSleepyguy said:

targeting my Pet

Were you maybe running a mission in the Void? Because the lasers there can inflict Radiation procs,
which sometimes just doesn't run out on Companions and they stay (partially) recognized as enemies for the rest of the mission.

... mind, I don't mean to say that what I'm describing isn't a bug (that needed fixing years ago lol),
it's just to help determine whether this is a new bug or "just" another example of an old one 😄

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