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explosive guns - a personal opinion


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while I know there are feedback threads, I prefer posting here because I feel those get too cluttered with complaints. I'm instead interested in parking a different discussion.

specifically, the viability of AoE guns.

now, I am currently having problems with my laptop, so I have not tested most of the affected weapons - and the ones I did, only for a limited time.

essentialy, putting it simply, we lost AoE potential (via falloff, which has been adjusted recently but is still there) in favor of losing self-damage entirely. 

I think people underestimate how massive of a buff losing self damage is. Weapons like kuva ogris, which before required real care to handle (massive AoE and good firerate while being fired in a mere mouse click) and just BEGGED you to magdump are now safe to magdump into a crowd. You can use them as a panic CQC button if someone flanks you. There's none of the associated risks that made many strategies, and even entire weapons, unadvisable.

we evidently lost the challenge in using them, and that, I regret losing. I liked the thrill of knowing I had to keep my wits about and not blow myself apart. I'm certain of course that I eventually will get over it, even if I constantly refuse to shoot at close range out of habit, a practice that is now hilariously dumb.

the changes to status hit some of them quite hard, particularly gas and blast. Gas is pretty bad now, and some guns were excellent with gas. A crit gas secura penta with napalm grenades was absolutely incredible, but now... Yikes.

losing damage with a fallout stat is... Regrettable. It would be better if the falloff wasn't linear. If anyone played planetside 2, I think they nail damage falloff great: The closest distance has a bullet deal maximum damage. Then it enters medium range, where it tapers off, and ends at long range, where it reaches a minimum value. If you hit someone across Indar with a Commissioner, you would deal the same damage as if you hit them from 100meters away. It still HURTS -just not as much. But, being within 15 meters you take the full brutality of a gigantic space magnum to the forehead.

I think a nonlinear falloff would work better than in some cases we've got. It would be a better design to have a good part of the radius of a blast do full damage, not only the exact point of impact. Say you have a 7m radius blast. Id put 100% up to 5 meters. Then taper off into minimum damage at 7... It would definitely be better.

status rework is a problem too. With stacking mechanics and nerfed gas, slow single shot status are dumpstered quite a bit. Maybe it would be best to add a new weapon-by-weapon trait, "forced status#" in which weapons always proc a number of specific status procs, regardless of status chance. A perhaps better alternative would be dividing the blast damage into three instances of damage at 33% the original value, which would all have separate proc chances. Instead of, say, dealing 100 viral damage and proccing viral, you get 33+33+33 viral damage and 3 procs. With the new hidden number (slash and toxin stacks above 10x do this) you could maintain the same big numbers as before, but internaly their status viability would greatly increase.

this of course, does not account for the drasticaly lowered EHP values of many enemies due to armor changes. Shield gating enemies are probably interesting against single shot AoE, but again, I need more testing.

what are your opinions?

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