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Petition to Give Clem a New Friend!


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  Let’s face it, Clem is lonely. Having only Darvo, Steel Meridian, his seeker, and the occasional Tenno by his side. He needs a companion! A best friend to last him forever!



He could have:


  • Vrei- his very own Manic boyfriend/girlfriend!


  • Thrombo- a miniature, dancing Thrasher


  • Jet.7- an osprey who has an obsession with floofs


...or maybe even this whole squad of heckin’ lovelies!




  To sign the petition, simply leave a like and a comment indicating which of the three you’d like to see the most! Also, spread the word!



  Hopefully, Clem finally gets to make a new friend! Our boi is so lonely right now 😞 




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