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Nezha Yaksha skin's energy color

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Posted (edited)

So..., Uh...

I'm confused 'cause I don't think that's blue.

Or is this just a new kind of blue?

I googled it and Google said that's "Orange"???

What in the actual hell is "Orange"???

Don't we already have a kind of fruit called "Orange"? Isn't that enough?

What's next? A fruit called "United Nations Blue"?

What is wrong with this world???


Uh, where was I?

Oh yeah, DE plz Fix it.

Peace out.



Edited by NE0N-LIGHT

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Yay! An update!

And.... Nope, they haven't fixed it yet.

Maybe I'm being too subtle.

Uh huh... Let's see...

Ah, this will do.

Fix plz.


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