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Lighting/Contrast Help!



So ever since returning from a 3 month hiatus I am having massive issues with my display settings. Bright things are too bright, dark things are too dark but if I turn down contrast everything looks faded and colours lose their oomph. I don't remember having this issue in the past. Also the game seems really blurry at random time even though I made sure resolution scale and all that is at max. I've been fiddling with the settings for like an hour each day the past few days and I can't figure it out. I don't know what's going on but it is obnoxious. Does anyone at least know the default settings for contrast and brightness? I tried 50/50 but that still looked faded. I can cope with it for a little bit but it starts to give me a headache. I just want it to look how it used to. Idk what changes or why or how to fix it. I could've changed something and forgotten idk. Just any advice is welcome. 

Also everything somehow seems sharp and blurred and that doesn't make any sense but it is incredibly eye pain.9c570Uv.pngI added this image from a random look link in chat.They're using black and white color scheme so hope it shows the issues I'm having. 

Can also report all of my display settings as well if that'd help.

Display mode: Borderless Windows. 

Video resolution: 1920x1080

window scaling mode: native.

refresh rate: 60hz

aspect ratio 16.9

vertical sync on

brightness 50

contrast 50

field of view 78

enable screen shake yes

effect intensity 100

preset graphics custom

runtime tessellation yes

local reflections yes

blur reflections no 

volumetric lighting yes

high dynamic range yes

adaptive exposure yes

glare no

film grain no

ambient occlusion yes

higher shader quality yes

dynamic resolution USER

resolution scale 100

geometry detail high 

particle system quality high

GPU particles medium

shadow quality high

texture memory high 

anistropic filtering 8x

trilinear filtering default

anti aliasing taa 8x (max)

taa sharpen 100

sharpen temporal VFX yes

depth of field no

motion blur no

distortions no

bloom yes

bloom intensity 50 

color correction yes

dynamic lighting yes

character shadows yes 

weapon elemental fx yes

the last 2 are grayed out for me. 

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