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[Updated] Bug: Invisible Object created upon Entering Void Mode as Unairu with Void Shadow activated


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Details: Since Empyrean Launch (Did not have issue prior to Empyrean), entering/exiting Void Mode as Operator creates an Invisible 'pillar' in front of the operator, and gets the operator stuck in it frequently. Other users in the game can interact (i.e. stand on) with the invisible object. Linked specifically to Unairu's Void Shadow tree.

Footage of issue here

Breakdown & Repro: Activate level 1 Void Shadow on Focus Tree, equipping Unairu. Enter any mission. Enter OR exit Void mode on ground, invisible object created in front of Operator. Jump, object created but does not block Operator. The player may interact with the pillar in Operator or Warframe form, may jump on top of it, use it for cover, and so on. Other players may also do the same, but the object is still invisible for them. Disable Void Shadow, issue gone. 

Extremely frustrating bug, as you physically cannot move until  you 'back away' - going left or right does not free you. Makes using operator a terrible chore, and the "Main Utility" of Unairu is rendered an obstacle rather than boon. The only solution is to stop using Void Shadow entirely, which is something I'd like to avoid.

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