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Vazarin's Protective Dash No Longer Persists After Leaving Operator Mode


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I noticed since the most recent update that if you use Vazarin's Protective Dash on Excalibur Umbra, then leave operator mode, the effect invulnerability no longer continues, but rather cuts off right when you go back into the warframe.

This bug was present when Excalibur Umbra was first released, but it was fixed, and now it's back again.

The effect works for all other warframes after leaving operator mode except for Excalibur Umbra, which becomes very, very annoying when relying on Vazarin for health, as you must then wait out the entire duration of the effect before being able to transfer back into him.

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This bug is still active as of: Monday, March 30, 2020

This bug is easily repeatable in any mission, as well as the Simulacrum.

To clarify any confusion: 

Protective Dash's invulnerability does not continue on Excalibur Umbra after leaving operator mode, while the healing buff does. This bug does not occur on any other warframe.

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