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MR 26 test


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Failed my last 2 MR 26 test because the game glitched. I was running Loki Prime and with 2 minutes left went to the last mobile control point and it registered Capture progress 100%. After a time I jumped into the abyss, came back and entered the mobile control point circle and again it registered Capture Progress 100%. I stayed in the circle hoping for the best but failed. I tried again today and the same thing happened, with around 2 minutes left I entered the mobile control point circle and it registered Capture Progress 100% complete. I jumped into the abyss and entered the circle again, still 100%. I jumped in a second time and when I came back and entered the circle it said Capture Progress 0% but I only had about 40 seconds left to capture and failed a second time. Please fix this bug! It is frustrating to not be credited for your hard work. Thanks, Hit-A-Homer. UPDATE:  I took the MR 26 test again and the last control point registered Capture Progress 100%. I just jumped into the abyss twice in a row as quick as possible and had around 1:40 left and the control point was back to 0% and I finished the test.

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