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Widow: Spider Frame


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I actually want a Spider-Frame... with maybe a hair of snake as well.  (second ability)

Warframe: Widow
Passive: Increased stealth kill damage.  
Passive 2: Stealth Kills increases chance of critical hits on the next hit.

Ability One: Bite/Spit
Ability Two: Venom Shell 
Ability Three: Weave
Ability Four: Night Crawler


Ability One Bite:  Widow's first ability while not in Night Crawler will be called Bite.  Simply as it sounds, Widow jumps to target and gives them a bite that poisons the enemy. 
Ability One Spit:  Widow's first ability when in Night Crawler will be able to spit a web ball toward an enemy (or a group of enemies), causing damage and knockback effects.  
Ability One Augment: Fine Web.  Bite now can heal a percentage of damage given when biting enemies.  Spitballs now explode and trapping targeted enemies in a ball of web.  Holding Spit ability will allow web-slinging.

Ability Two Venom Shell:  Widow sheds her skin to clear status effects.  The shell will remain for the duration, but can also be detonated to cause AOE damage... poisoning nearby enemies.

Ability Three Weave:  Widow will leave a flowing trail of webbing that will form a web where enemies will get stuck on.  Enemies who come in contact with webbing before web is finished will not be able to move, but can still shoot.  When webbing is finished, enemies will be tied down to the web.  (to finish web, just overlap existing web trail).    
Ability Three Augment: Healing Bite.  Biting enemies who are trapped on webbing will recover health, energy, ammo, or shields randomly, but high percentage to get one of those effects. 

Ability Four Night Crawler: Widow takes form of a spider and gains the wall crawling effect.  Can crawl on walls, swing on webs, spit web balls at enemies, and becomes silent.  Using weave while standing still will allow you to lower yourself onto enemies for a fatal bite (highly likely to be stealth kill). Casting weave while moving will create a web among surface of walls. Although weapons will not be usable in this form, this allows excellent stealth and maneuverability. 


Anywho, this is my idea.  Anyone got any tweaks to improve the idea, or maybe your own spider frame idea?  Would like to hear comments.  Granted my idea may seem kinda, basic... still the idea of a spider frame is cool.  Feel free to expand my idea if you think of something.

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On 2020-03-09 at 6:34 PM, (XB1)itz SwirlZz said:

Getting so much spider-man vibes from this lol.


Add augment mods to it; I would love to see the enchantments of all of the abilities.

lol, I guess you're right there.  Spider-man is my favorite character in those shows.  But seriously though, a spider-frame sounds really cool.  As for augment ideas, the only one I could think of is for the second.  
-Shell Share: Allies can pick up this shell for a random buff.  Buffs could be, armor, increased fire rate, shields, increased movement speed, etc.  Also could pick up a multishot option if shooting through the shell... like increased multishot.  Anywho if anyone has any ideas to improve or expand on this, feel free to post here 😄

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