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I want to play Dethcube Prime like a concertina.


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57 minutes ago, Horonelius said:

He is a heatsink. Hes even on fire.

Yeah, ....And?  😃

Could be like a Bellows mod for him:
Rare Precept set with (updated) Fired Up.
When Fired Up reaches Max Overheat, expelling coolant 100% heat procs (like coolant leak, but larger/circumstantial.)
While bellows is equipped, access Dethcube through Shawzin Instrument selection menu, to play as concertina.

Next question is, who/what gets to be a Cello? Drums? Washboard? Fiddle? Can the fishing rod break down into a flute?

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39 minutes ago, kapn655321 said:

You mean, Diriga? lol 😃

He's so forgotten..

"Literally the guy in the picture."

Yes... Sadly enough... I thought about him as well but I was in a hurry and couldn't remember its name to search for a proper image. Truly a forgotten sentinel! 😅

I hope it gets some attention like the other sentinels had recently. Some kind of proper and useful specialization. Diriga, and most pets, in the upcoming pet 2.0.

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