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Lua Spy Mission Endless Slide/Clip


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So I was grinding the Lua spy mission in order to get rime rounds, and I'd already been through it quite a few times. However, this last time, during vault C (the longest one with the simon says puzzle at the end), after I went through the final time rift in the explosive canister puzzle, I just started sliding endlessly and effortlessly slid through all the walls I came into contact with until I was out of the map. I started taking screenshots only shortly before I totally fell out of the map, but the sliding effect had already taken me through several walls/rooms. The effect lasted until I just aborted the mission, voiding out didn't stop it.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/hCmPNNx

I suspect it started happening when I entered/exited the moving time rift in the final puzzle room of Vault C (as seen in the first 2 screenshots). Since I had to abort the mission, it was a little annoying, and since I don't really know what exactly I did that time to cause it I'm a bit worried it'll happen again while I'm grinding. But oh well, just wanted to get the word out in case someone else hadn't already!

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