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Penta grenades getting stuck (causing the weapon to be completely useless)


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NOTE: This bug ONLY happens with the "Napalm Grenades" augment mod equipped to the Penta, Default grenades and "Tether Grenades" don't bug out (at least when I tested them)

My Penta's grenades numerous times have gotten stuck which causes the weapon to be completely useless, I am no longer able to shoot it all. The only way to "fix" this is by leaving the mission. The reason why it becomes useless because the "Napalm Grenades" augment causes the grenades to explode on impact rather then manually detonating the grenades (although you can still manually detonate the grenades with the augment). Once the grenade gets stuck then there is nothing you can do to get it unstuck, you cant detonate once it gets stuck, you cant melee it, you cant shoot it and you cant lure an enemy on top of it. This really sucks since the Penta is great for killing numerous enemies at once.

EDIT: https://imgur.com/a/nVRmH7h    <-- This is what the grenade looks like when it gets stuck, as you can see it wont explode once this happens.

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added screenshot to show the grenade getting stuck
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Yep, been noticing happening to me too. For a moment, I thought I could "unstuck" them by manually trying to detonate, but no, it doesn't work and the weapon becomes permanently useless for the rest of the mission.


Changing weapons, using Transference In-Out, reloading, nothing fixes the issue.

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