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Equinox Needs some tweaks.


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Let me just say I am an Equinox maim.... Ba-tum-tis-ASJKDF 

BUT SERIOUSLY....  I play Equinox  alot and have loved her from the very start.

Recently Equinox got a defensive buff ! to which I was really happy with but I believe she needs some Tweaks on her Augments and abilities  to butter smooth her out a bit...

I am not suggesting all of these ideas to be considered at once to change Equinox Completely I just think one or two of them should be considered to help improve one of the more complex Warframes in the game and make her more Rewarding/fun to use. :)

Equinox's passive 
it needs a buff ... no one and i mean no one takes advantage of or considers it useful in anyway at all. 
I think maybe  it should be changed to ,  Regeneration of Energy over 5 secs when a Red orb is picked up and  like wise for health When Blue orbs or picked up
When a Blue orb is picked up You get 25% more Power strength on next ability cast  and when  you pick up a red orb you gain some decaying armor 

The new passive would make a Red or blue orb restore 25 Energy and Health if either one is picked up 

I think she needs More based energy  maybe 


I have tried playing around with this ability modding just for it by equipping as much Strength and Duration as I can so that when I switch forms I get either a handsomely Increased Speed and attack buff or a more Defensive buff.
I think that it would be nice if the buffs and effects of the buffs would stay on until the buff timer runs out.
Please give the specter The same buffs that Equinox has at the time of casting  and maybe make the mod have the specter last for 18.75secs which is 75% of the ability's duration  10 seconds is not enough and the most i got  when modding for longer specter time is 27 sec  but  to do that i make my warframe unable to help my team at all ... because of narrow minded
The specter should Aggro to what ever enemy you are attacking or that attacks you .. 
ALSO MAKE IT COPY what ever emotes you make when you are not in battle PLZZZ XDD


this ability is not really used unless you see a heavily armored Enemy but I believe it should also cause Confusion debuff Making enemies Attack the nearest thing in range which would be some LOVELY CC 

Calm & Frenzy
Needs more Range  or a lingering effect  or a slow pulse so it catches enemies who are running in at the wrong time 


 I think it should give you damage reduction no matter how far the enemy is from you with in the range of the aura.

 I think it should have the ability to give a little bit of over shields 

I think the Slash damage could use a tiny buff  maybe  the aura could slash for 9 Ticks over 8 seconds 



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