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Shielder unit issues


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So i was happy to see the new big shielder boys. like many of the times i have suggested a better shielder units... they are falling a little short. 

Ok so new Elite shielders have a small window on the shield. this can NOT be shot thru. the shield is entirely Immune to punchthru (including zenith!), But yet Explosions aren't blocked. Zakti gas can by pass this. 
now im ok with the no punch thru, this does make them a little more difficult to kill. But the explosion infront of them killing them needs to change. that needs to go. 
futher more the smal Kuva version of these guys (they carry a smaller version of this shield) thier shield doesn't stop anything, you do not need punch thru to kill them. their shield does nothing

OK so here is what i purpose. Shield units. small shield units shield should stop a punch thru up to 2m. BUT you can shoot thru the Visor slot.  frontal damage should be blocked. (like how we block dmg in a cone with melee. their shield should stop all dmg like this as well).
Big Elite shielders. let us shoot thru the visor hole. just make it smaller (much like the normal shielders.) 
REMOVE the swinging the shield to the side to expose themselves when shooting, this is just freaking dumb! i HATE this mechanic. they already are squishy as hell in a game with Lemmins AI. dont make it easier, if we can use an ability or shoot thru a visor we DON'T need them throwing the shield aside to make them the free-est of kills to ever grace us with their stupidity. IF you have a shield and its the only saving grace you have, you would not cast it aside to then shoot... like you were doing before Over the shield!.... no.. just STOP. BAD DE!. remove this stupid function. its annoyed me for yrs! get rid of it. having it on the new elite lancers was the last straw! 

more over weapons! 
Elite lancer weapon choice! i like it. 
Slow firing, avg accuracy, good dmg!. this is how these guys should work!.

Kuva Lancers should be using a Rogga! (not a twin. give them a single rogga, hard hitting at close range. slow ROF.) 
the other shielders give them a Brakk. 

reasoning. at a distance its just chip dmg. at close range it hits hard!. 

more so Fix the AI. other units should try to hide behind shield units. shield units should try to get close to you. 
i have made this comparison before Mass Effect 3 Guardians (2013!) are one of the best to versions of a shielded unit to learn from.. they have slow hard hitting weapon. small visor to shoot them thru. immune to frontal dmg and blast attacks. sits infront of other units (other units follow) to get up close to you. also If you melee them you stagger, they hit you With the shield to know you back and then shoot you to deal a bunch of dmg. 

this is how your shield units should be working. 
dont make them a stupid moron with a large board with 1/10 of a brain and a gun running into battle. dumb S#&$ty AI is boring. Make them smart. give them a few small mechanics, Fix the shield up to stop bullets appropriately (clean up hit boxes on new units and old, Shield as well). 

its a good start. needs more work! 
Kuva shielders.. terrible. shields couldn't stop someone throwing a cupcake. 

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