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Toggle Sprint Bug: Fast travelling in the dojo (and perhaps elsewhere) turns off toggle sprint


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As the title says: After using Fast Travel in the dojo, toggle sprint gets forcibly turned off. Perhaps this happens when fast travelling elsewhere too, but I don't know. This is very frustrating.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to a dojo.
  2. Use toggle sprint mode, and press the appropriate key to enter sprinting mode.
  3. Fast travel to another location in the dojo.

Expected result:

  • I go back into sprinting mode.

Actual result:

  • I am forced into non-sprinting mode.

Suggested fix:

Just let us sprint always by default please.

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I can name to you, at least 100 actions that toggle off sprint. Are you gonna claim they are bugs and make a separate post for every one of them?

Btw, fast travel in dojo and toggle Ivara's Prowl definitely need steps to reproduce... lol

You are taking this way too seriously!!!


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