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Mouse Movement When VSYNC ON and OFF



Alright, basically, My mouse movement feels way different when I have vsync on or off.

If i have vsync on, It feels more cinematic and not very responsive

If i have vsync off tho, the movement feels very sharp and responsive

I like to have my vsync on but because how bad the movement is with vsync on Im not using it is there a way to fix this issue perhaps?

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this isn't really out of the ordinary - VSync adds roughly 20ms of delay to everything that goes on in a game. Input is therefore affected.

if you're not playing in Exclusive Fullscreen however, i must note that VSync inside of a Video Game is literally useless because Windows is already VSyncing the game via DWM as it is, and enabling VSync inside of a game just VSyncs twice, meaning double the Latency penalty.
so, if you are infact not using Exclusive Fullscreen, then i think it isn't even a concern for you, as you wouldn't need it anyways :)


a uh.... 'solution' can be to have the Hardware necessary to use other forms of Display Syncing such as FreeSync or GSync - as these types of Display Syncing if setup right do not come with the same Latency penalty that traditional VSync comes with.




as a side note, high Refresh Rate Displays (good ones, that is) are a beauty to behold, as i agree with peoples' reports of VSync being completely obsolete in the high Refresh world. even in Exclusive Fullscreen where tearing can happen, using no VSync at all - you don't even notice it. it totally is tearing, but because the Display is updated so quickly, the amount of misalignment that anything can even reach is very minimal(or potentially none, sometimes), so it's effectively impossible to even notice the tearing while you're playing a game, only when you stop and stand there and look for it.

that is the best solution IMO, as then you can not VSync via a game, and also not VSync via Windows (Exclusive Fullscreen as noted), and that makes everything just feel so much better connected to your hand. i'd even go so far as to say that people that say they're bad at Shooters / games - should strive to enter the world of high Refresh Rate Displays - being able to remove potentially two layers of VSync will help those that are less confident and experienced with games so very much - if you think you're bad at Shooters you really probably aren't, it's just that since forever you've been looking at a blurry, soupy mess on your Display and you didn't even know it!

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