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For The Love Of Melandru, Please Change The Alert Descriptions To Be Less Euphemistic!


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Much as I love a bit of lore (the goddess in the title might give it away, at least to Guild Wars players), I think the alert descriptions are atrocious.

I like that they try to add some flavor, but it get's beyond ridiculous if every second time you have to "disable turrets" or "shut down computer core" it's again "start stop the reactor. Free mars".
And whenever there's a "weapons cache" found or somesuch, it's again destroy the mining machines.


If you can't change the missions, could you at least put clearly into the alert description what it's about? Just spin around the idea of destroying a reactor to disable the ship or whatever, instead of suggesting we're doing something entirely different (when in the game Lotus says clearly that we should disable the ship anyway).

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