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Re-Imagining the Dragonic Knight


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I haven't done much posting or provide feedback before, but I've been thinking of and bouncing ideas for a Chroma rework between my clan members. While he's my favorite frame in the game the removal of self damage has definitely impacted him. Here's my take on a cool rework for him. Any type of criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Image result for dragon meter CHROMA, THE DRAGONIC KNIGHT


My goal here is to make a more interactive passive that functions actively in mission as oppose to the current static change of elements prior mission selection affecting his abilities

  • A new passive meter DRAGON'S FURY or DRAGONIC FURY, that stores a percentage of damage take in a 3 or 4 portion meter that increases charge on damage to health.
  • This meter also passively charges with every enemy killed in affinity range. You start the mission with 1 charge for an instant Vex armor buff which would also remedy the Eidolon hunt problem.


Proposed color change while retaining the fact that most 1st abilities do damage.

  • A Dragonic Roar [similar to Excal Umbra's Radial Howl]; stuns enemies in a small circle for a few seconds while either reducing a percentage of armor [like Nekros' Terrify] or increasing damage to affected foes [like Equinox's Rest & Rage].
    • Roar damage type is affected by currently selected element with a small status chance.
    • If possible, have this ability have a set range to promote negative range Chroma.
  • Tap this ability to swap currently selected element [like Ivara's Quiver]. Hold to cast a roar that swaps Chroma's current element. 


Make more reliable in terms of buffing and supporting the team while enhancing survivability.

  • Allow recasting to reapply a new instance of the same buff or different one.
    • If current element differs from current buff when cast, allow recast and swap to new buff and remove old one.
  • Set AOE effect to 3/4m for HEAT and TOXIN and effect range of COLD and ELECTRIC to 8/10m
  • Apply buff to EFFIGY that can also radiate the aura to allies in range while allowing them to keep the buff duration similarly to most frames that buff allies in range [like Oberon's Renewal].


Allow use to max armor and weapon damage with the lack of self damage. Using the gauge system to destroy the need to constantly verify the remaining time on current buff to maximize up time.

  • Consume 1 portion of DRAGON'S FURY or DRAGONIC FURY to use ability [similarly to Nidus' Parasitic Link]
  • Buff provided is is dependent on amount of meter consumed on ability cast. If one portion is consumed, Chroma receives a maxed out buff while if less than a portion is consumed (in the event that you didn't build of enough meter before second cast) he'll receive a percentage of his max buff equivalent to the amount of the meter consumed.
  • Remove VEX ARMOR share but allow Chroma's buffs to affect the damage done by all his abilities alongside the weapon damage increase as well as providing more survivability to EFFIGY.


Make a more appealing and rewarding than placing a sentry with "mediocre" damage.

  • TAP: to summon a moveable effigy that consumes energy over time (this ability will work the same as it is currently but with the augment built in)
    • While effigy is active it will cast Chroma's SPECTRAL SCREAM after moving to casting location. The damage the effigy does is affected by the element selection from the roar.
    • Effigy also increases the range of an active AOE effect from Elemental Ward and the range of Spectral Scream.
  • HOLD: upon activation, Chroma will blind nearby enemies as he transforms into his dragon form (be it just him floating while idle with visible wings or something new).
    • Chroma can use all his weapons while in this form while gaining an extra jump, air time, and travel speed.
    • This form uses the DRAGON'S FURY or DRAGONIC FURY meter to sustain the transformation.
    • Ability can be held while effigy is active to recall it back to Chroma before transforming.


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