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Lich Controlled Yursa - Uranus Defection Mission Bug


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Hello, I have a problem with a defection in Yursa, I only have this node of this lich mission on this planet, I have done it several times, enduring until round 15, and I still have the area shaded in red, the lich, whispers, tc, neither go out on the mission, nor does the lich activate red nodes on another planet, or anything at all. It is also very strange that attrition in normal mode is infested faction and the lich mode is grineeer, well, the two are infested, no sign of grineers in the lich mode.

Has this ever happened to you? Is it a matter of waiting for the lich of the planet to change, how long does it take to do it if that is it? I would appreciate your help, greetings and anticipated thanks.

* Forgive for my English, using Google translator

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