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[Deferred Rendering] - Dynamic Lighting Colour Bug


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Firstly, Apologies if this bug has already been addressed.


In general, the entire bug is fairly self explanatory in the video, however I'll walk through the bug.


With Deferred Rendering and DirectX 11, darker "rich" colours like the red on my Titania and Nezha seem to become much paler when standing in the light shining on the Arsenal in the Liset.

The paleness only appears when standing under this specific light, if it happens elsewhere, I haven't noticed. 

I tested this with other colours on other warframes, and I concluded that this bug occurs with almost much every colour on every warframe, however it becomes extremely obvious with the colour red on my Titania, and it begins to be varyingly less obvious to unnoticable with colours like pale yellow, white or black.

This bug does not occur when Deferred Rendering is turned off.


So as for the video:

0:00-0:19 - What Titania normally looks like

0:19-0:37 - A look at my settings + turning on Dynamic Lighting

0:37-0:49 - The bug in action

0:49-1:13 - Testing with a blue colour scheme. The bug is far less obvious with this colour scheme, but you can see that it still happens with the red on the Cernos Prime.

1:21-1:41 - I try changing to a different blue, where the bug seems to happen again

1:56-2:07 - Test with Nezha with a similar colour scheme.. 

2:07-2:53 - I play around with settings, showing that it is Dynamic Lighting is likely the only factor influencing this bug.


If you want any more information or videos, I will try my best to supply it.

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Yes I have noticed same thing on my warframes too , colors like red all turns too pink in white light which is not cool. Here are the screen shots :

This one is with defered rendering unknown.pngAnd this one is without Defered Rendering unknown.pngAs you can see on those screenshots with deferend rendering under the white light or lighter lighting effects there is no RED COLOR
Please fix this issue

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That's... what dynamic lighting is supposed to do? The light inside Liset is never white, so with dynamic lighting on the light colour mixes with surface colour. And different surfaces have different "material" assigned, which affects how light colour combines with surface one.

It would make a much better example if you did it in a scene with actual white light. Doesn't Captura have that?

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This is a good point, that the change in colour may not actually be a bug, but I specified that the "bug" only happens if the "deferred rendering" setting is turned on, the setting which was specified to be experimental and potentially buggy.

Deferred rendering on + Dynamic lighting on = "bug"

Deferred rendering on + Dynamic lighting off = no "bug"

Deferred rendering off + Dynamic lighting on = no "bug"

Deferred rendering off + Dynamic lighting off = no "bug"

My interpretation of this information is that the deferred rendering setting causes a "bug" in the dynamic lighting setting, as without deferred rendering, dynamic lighting the visual "bug" does not occur


Anyways, April update/bump, its still happening 

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