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Collaborations, crossovers?


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The game is 7 years old! It's beautiful. I have been playing it with pleasure for almost 6 full years, experiencing all the events and its development.
I, and all of us, have seen a lot. But here is in project Nintendo emerged Lotus (this with steeply!), but there was a question...
Will we see something like this in a Warframe?
Oh my God, katana 2B?
Wait, a skin that refers to destiny or even an event associated with something from It?
JoJo... O-Oh *sounds of Rebecca's presence* 😅

What about the development of the game also in terms of contact with other projects in the gaming industry? Would this really be a new level in terms of fanservice?

Anyway, I'm still ready to be with all of you for another 7 years or more. Thanks for everything. 😃

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