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Serene Storm finally feels good with Reactive Storm - Thanks DE. But more issues...


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Serene Storm was always supposed to be this powerful unleashing that you had to work towards by eroding your restraint - and it always felt terrible. Push guys around, armored enemies take no damage, etc. But with the rework of Reactive storm, I can actually kill things now, and it actual feels like it was supposed to feel: A quick, temporary, powerful unleashing. You can feel it start to fall off on high level enemies, but now with the added status chance in the waves, and the adaptive damage types, you can still wear them down over a reasonable amount of time. Powerful, but not OP, feels good. Thanks DE. There are some issues it seems with the damage type selections with some enemies, but I have to research that further. Overall, great improvement.

The ability still has some issues though. First, the waves seem to miss things when on higher or lower terrain. I noticed this a lot in the Orb Vallis. Waves going right at something and it would not register a hit.

Second, The waves need to count towards the combo counter - not every enemy hit, as I think that would be OP, but each wave that hits at least one enemy should count to the combo counter. Each wave can only add one to the counter then. I think that would be quite balanced. 

Third, The ragdoll is still too much when you get within fist hitting range. No combo can ever be built, because the second you hit someone they go flying away. Make the ragdoll at the end of a combo only.

(PS. I'm still not a fan of any 'this ability only works with an augment mod', but I'm at least glad that with the augment, we get an ability that's actually useful).

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