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My Thoughts on Status Changes


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TL;DR the problem with different statuses is still the problem with enemy armour scaling, the armour scaling we need is to have NO armour scaling

Shotgun status or status with guns that have innate multishot has become a lot better. The high end of having 100% status per multishot was removed which is a nerf to the high end of the potential status. However everything on the lower end was buffed to be competitive with status of guns without innate multishot. It's in a good spot, Ballistica Prime is finally passable but Redeemer Prime seems to have lost all of its status.

90% status mods are incredibly niche but are otherwise in a good spot. They end up being around the 9th best mod to use and thus do see some build usage but none that are very notable. The problem still remains that it's very hard to find a reason to use them over or on top of 60% dual stats.

Puncture, Cold, Radiation and Blast are the damage types that have poor status effects. However Puncture, Cold and Radiation have favourable damage against armour but Blast doesn't have that. Blast is the only one that really needs to be looked at as it has no useful niche. The others do have niches in low or no status situations and they are useful. As much as people hate it, status immune enemies are a way to increase that niche if it really matters.

Slash and Heat are the single target status effects. Slash was nerfed with the decreased physical weighting but there weren't many gun that could pull it off as a primary source of damage. Damage from Heat has become a lot more apparent with the nerf to enemy armour. Their damage output is now pretty comparable, Slash ignores armour scaling but Heat can scales better. Heat is probably a bit too loaded on it's effects and one of its three effects should probably be removed.

Electricity and Gas are the area damage status effects. Electricity got a good buff with increased damage ticks but Gas got completely destroyed in the update. While Electricity still suffers from unfavourable damage against armour, Gas has nothing going for it now. It only provides damage and Electricity can usually do more damage while also providing a little stun.

Corrosive and Viral are the damage boosting damage types. Viral got a nice buff alongside the fact that armour scaling has been decreased. Corrosive on the high end of armour still edges out over Viral. Removing 80% of armour can remove at most 80% of effective health while Viral 425% damage buff removes 76.5% of effective health. Viral is better up front and on lower armour values but Corrosive is better with scaling.

Impact, Magnetic and Toxin are the anti shield damage types. Toxin is just much better, there isn't a good reason to use Magnetic and Impact only provides a little stun effect on top. However there is still a much bigger problem with enemy shields versus enemy armour. Using Corrosive, the time it takes to kill a Corpus unit is still comparable to the time it takes to kill a similar Grineer unit. Enemy armour scaling essentially adds another exponent on their effective health pool and unless this changes, people will continue to just use Corrosive.

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