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Nyx Potential Rework


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Passive - 20% less accurate when targeting her + Each enemy under Nyx confusion will take 5% of the damage that she is dealt (Max 90%)


1. Mind Control (Duration)

  • Now convert the enemy to the Tenno side (Ability can’t be nullified) but will still return to their original faction when the ability run out
  • Enhance all its stats (weapon included) based on Nyx power strength 
  • *Perhaps (must) improve their Ai*


/Same augment/


2. Psychic Bolt (Cast)

  • Fire 10 bolt that buff the damage the target deal against its own faction and Nyx absorb orb (based on Nyx power strength)
  • The bolt only target confused enemy and prioritize the strongest one. 


/Augment : An extra number of bolt will be fired (half of the initial number) and seek enemy that aren’t confused to deal damage based on Nyx power Strength/


3. Chaos (Duration)

  • Stays the same
  • Each enemy (10% each) that is affected by confusion (including radiation) will boost Nyx power Strength up to 100% 


/Same augment/


4. Absorb (channeled ability)

  • Create an Orb at a chosen location that stack damage. It’s size cannot be affected by range. Nyx can freely enter and leave the orb to become invincible.
  • When activated, all enemy close by and affected by confusion will begin to focus it. *This include her 1*
  • When released, unleash a wave of damage based on the gauge of damage it stacked. The damage scale with Nyx Power Strength 


/Augment : Nyx can cast 3 orb in a short duration at a chosen location. After that, they will slowly consume Nyx mana until it is canceled

  • When activated,they draw enemy fire and confuse enemy that hit them
  • When released, the orbs explose dealing the damage it stacked. The damage scale with Nyx power strength/
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Nyx's set is moderately fine as-is aside from her 4 being utterly and completely useless 90% of the time.

They re-worked Vauban to fit the playstyle of the game more, as well as the fast pace, yet frames like Nyx still exist that lag behind.
Everytime I'm playing Nyx and I use my 4 (even on defense) in a public squad, I get little to no damage built up and the damage I DO manage to get built up does nothing anyways because of the awful, horrid range on her 4.
Her 4 is fine as-is, as a stationary "float-slowly while gathering damage" state.
However in a game based around speed and frames that are (as of recent releases;) nearly invincible (I'm lookin' at you garuda, wisp and hildryn) and can chew through just about any enemy in a split second, it makes her 4 completely nullified.

Aside from that, her abilities are overall fine, like I said, it's just her 4 that needs a rework, in my opinion.
Mainly the range. As it is pure garbage. Getting 100-200k damage built up still does not increase range and what little it does hardly is enough to kill lvl 30s half the time, the most it does is knock them back.
Actually pitiful tbh.

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