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I Dislike the new Impact Procs


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If I wanted something akin to blast procs, I would've used it in more of my builds. Old blast doesn't even exist in its current state and was replaced with something that might overall be better. I recently took my Fulmin to the Simulacrum to test how it functions with the proc rework, and now I might have to shelve it because of its high propensity to knock my targets down. I like scoring headshots, but seeing as its shotgun mode only has impact and corrosive, I have just as much a likelihood of knocking the target down as I do removing their armor. If I have to stick to using the automatic rifle mode just to deal with heavy enemies, I'd be better off using Amprex since it puts out more damage while also having an "AoE" to deal with groups of enemies.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of the reasons behind impact's rework. You could easily stagger-lock your enemy to death which means rendering them helpless while scoring headshots at the same time. You could've solved this problem by doing what you did with the old blast procs by putting a cooldown on the effects so once you stagger a target, you have to wait a couple seconds before you can do it again.

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