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Trade and Inventory screen overlapping, trade screen not updating, unable to close window


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- Opened the trade outpost

- Other player sent a trade request sooner while my player selection window was still open

- Trade accepted, initial trade window appeared as normal

- RClick on a cube, selected item trade

- Inventory window is now overlapping the trade window (as seen on the 1st image)

- Selected my item for the trade regardless

- Other player's trade slots aren't showing anything, despite one being occupied by the 5 plats on his screen (on his side weren't any bugs)

- Other player closed the trade, then initiated another one

- Everything works correctly, trade completes

- Upon exiting the new trade window, the previous trade window remains open and cannot be closed through any means (except alt-f4, 2nd image), again, no issues on the other player's end



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