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Chroma Rework Suggestion


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Chroma has been one of my favorite frames when it comes to becoming a tank and to do massive damage in eidolon runs. He's like the STRONK KING and I would want to revise his kit so that all of his abilities can work in synergy and is no longer the emo lord that does self-damage to gain buffs. (since self-damage was removed)


Chroma Abilities Rework

Spectral Calamity should allow the player to switch elements for chroma to use by holding the button and tapping the button will allow it to perform an attack by shooting a ball of the elemental at the enemies and this ball has a wide hit box and can probably hit the group of enemies. This eliminates the passive Chroma has and makes chroma truly a 'Master of the Elements' Warframe. (The problem with this is how to specifically chose an element. Since there are 4 elements players may want to pick individual ones to create different procs or chose certain bonuses. It would be difficult for players to choose the specific element if they had to cycle through them one-by-one.)

Elemental Discharge
Chroma emits an AoE of the element he has set from the Spectral Calamity ability and this will have a 100% proc chance to enemies it hits this can also be stacked and paired with a different element AoE to create an elemental pair procs such as magnetic, corrosive, viral, blast, radiation, gas. This ability can be spammed but there is a aftermath effect in which Chroma has an Aura effect which if he stands near enemies with it will damage them with the element and has a chance of procing by 50%. In the duration of the aura the element can be switched. After Elemental Discharge for the duration of the aura Chroma has now a damage boost in regards to Spectral Calamity chosen element. Players in the area will receive element damage boost as well for the duration.

Elemental Rage
Chroma's vexed armor no longer just has the scorn and fury but also has a set bonus with the chosen elemental. Depending on the chosen element will give a bonus. Cold is for increased armor, Heat is for damage, Poison for Health and Electricity for Speed (increased movement speed, attack speed, holster and reload). When switching between elements the bonus will remain with a duration. The ability will consume energy over time and is a turn on/off ability. The abilities' effects can be shared across squadmates if they are in range or vicinity. 

Primal Form
Chroma becomes essentially a dragon in which he is able to fly. He can shoot elemental beams and as well fly into enemies to cause AoE making ragdoll and damage that could potentially be lethal. (Damage stacks with Elemental Discharge) Just like exalted abilities this ability has initial set amount to use and will consume energy over time. I have two options in this form which I'm not sure on.

1. He can fly around and can perform abilities but with Spectral Calamity being a beam of elementals instead of a ball and the player can use their weapons and even melee.

2. He can fly around and can perform abilities but he cannot use his weapons but can deal damage from ferocious melee attacks and can perform range attacks by breathing elementals in a form of a beam or flamethrower-ish type. 

I prefer Chroma not being able to use his weapons and will only reside to raw melee dragon attacks with the crash impact ability that can stack with Elemental Discharge and to perform hyperbeam attacks with Spectral Calamity

Chroma would be immune to elemental procs and damage in regards to the chosen element from spectral calamity.

What are your thoughts?

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Basically along the lines of what I'd want. I'm not good with number crunching or any of the intricacies of frame design so going solely off of cool factor, this is a thumbs up in my book. IMO, his base form should be pelt-less, and he could gain an ethereal pelt during "Elemental Rage" and his true pelt+wings during his 4 but idk how they'd make fashion frame work for that. 

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