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warframe symbiot fipitos


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Dear ladies and gentlemen I give you an idea that will blow your head off get ready it will only get more interesting.

I present to your attention a warframe that you simply have not yet guessed to enter into the game this is our warframe symbiote. It is very non- standard and special in contrast to the others. This is something you've never encountered before. I am sure that many people will not remain indifferent only to the idea itself.

The Prince of the symbiote itself will consist in the fact that it will absorb any enemy giving it the ability to move warframes: running speed , parkour, melee, long-range combat.


armor 200 units;

health 125 units, on the 30th rank there will be 180 units;

he has no shields;

energy 225 units.

Passive ability: add your health score to the carrier and share the health score with the carrier in%.(that is, the health of the symbiote itself is not large, but when merging with the carrier, its health index is also added in %).

active abilities:

as for the abilities I will add them in the near future






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