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Spec-Ops/Polymorph Frame


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Name:  Whatever DE decides to call it.  For the ease of this post I'll call him Steve.  This is a stealth frame.

Health: Moderate-Low

Armor: Low

Shields: Moderate-Low

Passive:  +30 Enemy Radar


  1. Transform:  Target an enemy and transform into a base unit type of that faction: (Grineer Lancer, Corpus Crewman, Infested Leaper).  When in this form, Steve will not alert enemies to his presence.  All of his weapons will be sheathed, but they can be drawn out by aiming down sights.  Drawing your weapons, performing parkour (not sprinting), using your 3rd and 4th abilities, or interacting with consoles, lockers, etc. will alert all enemies who see him.  While this ability is active Steve's second ability will change.  Transform will use a small amount of energy and have a moderate duration which can be refreshed by pressing 1 on any enemy unit at any time (though he will change forms if the target is from a different faction).  Holding 1 will end the ability early, blinding any enemies within a small radius.  Range mods will affect the radius of the blind.  Duration mods will affect how long this ability lasts, as well as how long the blind lasts.
  2. Call-out/Misdirect:  While Transform isn't active, target an enemy.  That enemy along with all those in close proximity will be marked and they will receive increased damage.  This will also grant Steve and his allies sights on them through walls.  While Transform is active, target a location.  All enemies near Steve will redirect their attention, moving to the designated location and then they will proceed to search the area.  Call-out/Misdirect will use a small amount of energy, have a moderate radius and a moderate duration.  Range mods will increase the area under which enemies are affected.  Duration mods will increase the duration of the de-buff from call-out, and they will increase how long enemies will spend searching the area for Misdirect.
  3. Exalted Mines:  Toss out a mine (maximum of 3) which can later be detonated by holding 3.  Exalted Mines can stick to walls, and they will use a small amount of energy per mine.  These mines will only disappear if they are detonated or if the maximum count is exceeded.  These mines are an exalted weapon, and they will use secondary weapon mods.  Status, critical, and damage mods will all work as expected.  Multi-shot will increase the damage of the mines, but it won't lead to more being tossed out.  Magazine capacity mods can increase the maximum number of mines that can be deployed, and reload speed mods will multiplictively reduce the energy cost of mines.  For the warframe, strength mods will increase the damage done, and range mods will increase the explosion radius.  Duration mods will increase status effect duration.
  4. Intel Disruption:  Activate to cloak yourself and pause all mission objective timers for a short duration.  This duration will be represented as a depleting bar, which gradually accelerates over time.  As Steve kills enemies the bar will replenish, extending the ability's duration.  Stealth kill multipliers will also contribute to the time gained.  If Steve is hacking a console, the bar depletes at half its current rate.  This ability will cost a large amount of energy, have a short duration, and it will have a cool-down period equal to twice of the duration for which it lasted.
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