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Saryn Venom Suggestion


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So. I've had Saryn for a couple of days now, and I have some suggestions.

Buff venom. Either with the ideas from this thread https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/111603-lets-fix-saryns-venom/

Or with one of these 2 suggestions.

1: Damage done to targets affected by venom take 50% more damage from weapons. (similar to novas M prime but targets are not affected by damaging abilities) adding focus would increase this effect

2: Give venom some sort of synergy with miasma. Perhaps make miasma do additional damage to targets affected by venom, or miasma causes venom to do more damage if the targets don't die from miasma.
If #2 is considered. I would also think it would be a good idea too increase miasmas range (at max rank) to 20 or 25 in game meters, as well as a slight damage nerf like from 250 down to 200 at max rank.

anyway just my 2 cents.

I personally like #2

NINJA IDEA! or you could just buff venoms damage!

EDIT: after reviewing a bit more and reading some comments....
I guess the suggestions are OP.... I still wish for something to be tweaked about this ability. I find everything dies before I can really get a good use out of it.... maybe faster tick rate. although that might be OP as well.... I give up


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You realise Venom is a... #1 ability, right?

It's not supposed to be extremely powerful.

Then again, maxed focus, continuity and constitution mods on saryn cause this thing to do a total of 1800 damage.


it is OP but i feel at somepoint it got nerfed by the popups the range is decreased + the spread of Venom  is not that great enymore

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don't you dare touch my Saryn and make those changes.


those changes for Venom would make it OP as hell. it's already pretty powerful, but it takes time to use. it's not a instant gratification one button wonder.

Venom is fine as it is for perforamance, honestly - it's core design is just not ideal for a fast paced game. it's far better for HWD when the game slows down.

and the spreading effect hasn't ever seemed to work quite right for me. 


Miasma is pretty middle ground for performance of the various AoE powers as it is. it doesn't need more range, the range is already plenty. i can cover almost an entire room at once.

and don't touch that damage without making more DoT effect.

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