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Switch Impact and Blast proc


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Can the Impact and Blast procs be switched please? It makes sense that Impact lowers accuracy because it can make the enemy dizzy. At the same time, make Blast procs do different things as they stack.

1st Blast proc staggers an enemy.

2nd Blast proc knocks them down.

3rd Blast proc rag dolls and enemy.

4th Blast proc literally blasts an enemy away and if they hit a wall or obstacle or whatever, they are dealt true damage equal to 50% of their max health.

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I created other threads about this, but +1 this one.


Also a suggestion I made in my own thread: have blast proc also do extra procs based on damage (ie: strong enough explosion go all the way to throwing people around instantly... it should be based on enemy percentage of hp instead of absolute though, otherwise would be silly to hit a level 500 behemoth and see it flying because a single shot that take off 2% of its hp)

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My sneaking suspicion for why Impact staggers and Blast debuffs is "an attempt at variety." If Impact debuffed accuracy and Puncture debuffed damage, that's two of the three Physical damage types doing a debuff, and also of a redundant kind. Almost all weapons in Warframe have all three Physical types, so stacking two debuffs on them turns every weapon into a debuff gun, Status chance notwithstanding. It seems to me that DE REALLY wanted to keep Physical damage types varied - one deals DOT, one debuffs, one offers control.

As I've said before, Warframe has far too many damage types. I'm of the opinion that we can stand to merge all three Physical damage types into the same one (say, Slash because everyone apparently loves that), push knockback back into Blast and move the debuff somewhere else.

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IMO, as the basis of most weapons, IPS should promote distinctive characteristics and support each type of builds in warframe.

I personally think it would've been lovely if impact procs supported status builds, puncture procs supported crit builds, slash procs supported True dmg builds.

For every impact proc, the enemy shall be more susceptible to elemental procs receiving increased 10% in duration, range, damage and extra stacks from elemental status procs(cap remains the same, just stacking faster). The increased effect will be capped at 100% at 10 stacks.(synergizes especially well with electricity and gas)

For every puncture proc, the enemy shall be more susceptible to critical chances. Will have 10% increased chance to receive crit dmg, capped at 30%. Bonus crit chance will not support beyond crit stage one.

Slash stays as it is.

Revert blast to its original state, redo magnetic and cold plz

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I'm giving my opinion based on what I think when I hear each element/physical damage.

I feel like Impact should "stun" an enemy, making them dizzy with a concussion and open them to finishers. Also because of their dizziness, they'll be unable to aim properly. This way, we'll actually have a bigger window and chance to use mercys. More mercys means more usage of parazon mods.

Puncture should behave like banshee's sonar where applying a single proc highlights where the puncture happened, revealing a weakspot or "chip in the armor" and subsequent procs dealing increasingly more dmg/crit dmg to that spot. Subsequent procs will also increase the likelyhood that your weapon will crit when shooting at highlighted area, maybe capped at 50% when max amount of procs are applied. This would reward skill should one be able to consistently stay on target IMO.

Cold should start off as slowing an enemy, but eventually completely freeze them once enough procs are applied. Like old cold, it should also double the duration of all status procs to frozen enemies. It could maybe also double all status damage but I'm reluctant on that because it could be too powerful.

Electric should be able to chain between enemies starting off at a small distance, dealing more damage the more enemies chained. Along with stunning enemies, applying more procs increases damage dealt, the amount of enemies chainable, and how far the chain can reach. Of course there will be a cap at how far and how many can be chained so that you can't just stunlock an entire map.

Radiation, while turning enemies against each other and dealing more dmg to allies, maybe it could have a DoT for as long as the proc is applied. Thematically, radiation can cause instant death or lead to cancer, but obviously insta-killing is too OP so it's hard for me to think of a way to make Radiation more appealing to use while not completely overshadowing every other status.

Magnetic, while dealing more damage to shields and preventing shield recharge, can maybe also completely immobilize an enemy as more procs make the enemy stick to whatever surface like a magnet. This would allow for easier aiming and can synergize with my proposed puncture changes.

All I can really say for Gas is to maybe revert it to the way it was. It was powerful, but it required conditions to be met to deal the optimal amount of dmg. Most of the time, I only use Gas when I feel like stealthing a mission, relying on the stealth multiplier dmg. It was like a hidden gem of dmg, but it didn't completely break the game. People still used mainly Corrosive of any other status over Gas.

IMHO most of these changes to status effects feel like they were done completely just for the sake of changing them.

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