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Melee-only glitching in Eidolon Hunts



This thing seems to only happen during Eidolon hunts, and always only to me, not my teammates. It has happened on several occassions for the last several weeks - since I started hunting them.

What will happen is we will be engaged in breaking shields, swatting vombablasts, and failing to dodge AoEs, when suddenly I'm using melee instead of my rifle. At that point I'm boinked. No matter what I do with E, F, 5, or MB5 (switch weapons), he won't let me use anything but melee - about 30s to a minute or 2 later, suddenly I can use them again.

This feels like lag/latency but it happens so often, and only to me, and only when hunting eidolons, that I thought I would post - anyone else have this issue? any suggestions?

Thanks! :redveil:

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