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Railjack persisting issues


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Why after more than 3 months after release we're getting game breaking bugs?

Such as:

-Returning to dock only to be stuck in transition loop and having to alt+f4 the game

-Unable to exit mission reward screen upon arriving at dock, forcing to alt+f4

-Hud disappearing, unable to see objectives during missions

-Stuck in various places such as, unable to exit side guns, unable to move after re-entering ship or stuck in operator mode unable to move/transition back to frame

-Rarely, the end mission does not trigger and again, having to abort losing all loot.

Having to deal with these issues is why the first 2 months of release Railjack was dead, please fix these problems before releasing new content at least.

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Add to the above things...

- Everything being a mass of confusing icons with utterly no information regarding what they are or what they do, join another persons gunner turrets and see 3 abilities at your bottom right with just an icon that tells you exactly nothing of what those slotted abilities do, same applies to abilities shown for pilots

- Minimap with all the hazards/emergencys showing all vanish when entering pilot seat, gunner turret or slingshot, the RJ can be literally burning to the ground and you would never know unless a vocal / text alert even appears which does not always happen.

- Slingshot to a crew ship and magically appear on an asteroid base objective because logic.

- on trying to navigate/dock, if 1 player is stuck/bugged (esp outside) then the whole team is also stuck until a bugged player leaves party, then magically the RJ engines spin up for the remaining 3 players.

- use recall device and all your weapons are locked/disengaged, replaced by an archgun.

- List of avionics yet again being a cluster muck of confusing icons which require swapping to different screens to even see what the differing faction avionics do, how many ranks they have and their stats, on many screens they are just a mass of icons devoid of information.

< Include countless more issues >

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