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Revenant stuck in 4th ability (auto-mantling)


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With Revenant's 4 active, if you dash into a spot where you would automatically climb up due to auto-mantling, you get stuck in the ability and have to wait for your energy to run out. You can't turn the skill off, use any others, or switch to operator mode. Pressing ESC once teleports you to the spot where you would have climbed up, pressing it again does nothing. If you let your energy run out, he also teleports to the spot and auto-climbs up.

I could only reproduce this when I activated his 4 in the air. My assumption is that activating his 4 in the air causes you to still be in a "falling state", even after you hit the ground. Then, when you use his 3 to dash to spot that triggers auto-mantling, the game thinks you're falling and you try to climb, conflicting with the active ability.


Here's a video of it happening

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