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Please tie the Nightwave Ornaments to always available Evergreen Shop items if the account had completed at least one level of the associated event.


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Essentially if you where there, it would be nice if you always had the option to buy the Ornaments especially because those where essentially left out of the default reward path for whatever reason? 

So far this intermission the Emissary Ornament has popped up like four or five times however I have never seen the Wolf Ornament pop up. 

Personally speaking I passed on the Wolf Ornament because I hadn't considered that an ornament would show up every Nightwave chapter. At least not until the third or so week of The Emissary when the ornament finally popped up and It had essentially zero drive to collect it as without the Wolf Ornament as the collection would never be complete even tho I had reached rank 44 in The Wolf of Saturn Six. 

I did decide to pick one up in the current Intermission with the hopes that the Wolf Ornament would also eventually make it's rounds but so far as I am aware (in the times I have checked) it never has. 

I can respect to a point that if people weren't there for (Insert Nightwave chapter) that they missed out on the ornament tho I have zero problems personally if they where also worked into the intermission shops. But if you where there I feel that you should just be able to buy them whenever and making them a conditional evergreen in addition to the standard rotation seems to be a solid method of accomplishing that. 

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