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[Warframe Concept] Limas, the starved


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Name: Limas (derived from Limos, the Ancient Greek goddess of starvation)

Short backstory: Once a benevolent warframe, a beacon of hope. Limas was captured by the Grineer queens and forced to endure countless kuva experiments, corrupting her, washing away everything that made her special, and inducing her with an insatiable hunger. Her physical being became almost intangible, and her once angelic abilities now caused horrifying effects to whomever fell victim, instead of replenishing vitality to targets, she siphoned it, momentarily satisfying her hunger, before she felt compelled to feed again.

Appearance: Sinister female, tall and slender, with grey ethereal robes surrounding a black, anaemic-looking body, and a silver face.

Stats at rank 0/Stats at rank 30:





Sprint Speed-1.05


Passive: If Limas’ shields fully deplete, Limas’ melee weapons gain life steal for 10s. Effect can only be triggered again once shields have fully recharged.

Ability 1- Feed: Limas captures an enemy in her grasp, incapacitating them, and begins to consume their life force. These enemies replenish Limas’ health as long as she stays within range.

Damage- 1%hp/s

Range- 9/10/11/12m

Health regen- 20%/s

Cost- 25

Ability 2- Energy form: Limas evaporates into a semi-gaseous state, moving as energy and evading projectiles, granting her status immunity. This consumes an immense amount of Limas’ power and she must feed during the process. If at least one enemy under the effect of ‘Feed’ is sustaining Limas, the cost of Energy Form is halved.

Evasion %- 55/60/65/70 (not affected by mods)

Status resistance- 100%

Cost- 25 initial + 6 energy/s

Ability 3- Purge: Limas expels her life force, fuelling her hunger. Limas depletes her shields and 15% of her health to heal her allies and deal damage to others

Damage- 400/500/600/700 slash

Damage Area of Effect- 14/16/18/20m

Ally health regain- 50%

Health regain Area of Effect- 25m

Cost- 50 energy

Ability 4- Hunger: Limas lowers her max shields to 10% capacity, and increases her max health by 35%. She allows the hunger to take control. ‘Feed’ replenishes energy at 20% the rate of health if Limas is currently at 85% health or above. Enemies within 20m will have their armour stripped by 60% whilst Limas is in ‘Energy Form’, and ‘Purge’ will cost 5% more health (20% total), but deal 2x damage and heal allies within range fully.

Duration- 14/16/18/20s

Cost- 100

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