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The Vulklok Companion Weapon cannot equip Sniper Ammo Mutation.


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The Vulklok Companion Weapon cannot equip the mod Sniper Ammo Mutation.

1. Launch the title and sign into an Digital Extremes account that has the Vulklok Companion Weapon and the mod Sniper Ammo Mutation
2. Proceed to the Orbiter and press the Escape key and select Equipment > Arsenal.
3. Navigate to the Companion Loadout and Equip the Vulklok.
4. Select Upgrade and type Convert into the search bar.
5. Observe that Sniper Ammo Mutation. Is not displayed.

1. Following step [4] Vigilante Supplies is displayed.
2. The description called the Vulk
lok a sniper Rifle.
3. The Vulklok comes under the Sniper tag when searching the Equip menu.

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I suspect this is not a bug. Sentinel weapons have infinite Ammo, so can't benefit from Ammo Mutation mods, and it's the weapon which benefits that the Ammo Mutation needs to be equipped on.

I'm speculating that Vigilante Supplies is enabled for Sentinel firearms only because it allows the player to increase the chance of the Vigilante Set Bonus to proc. When equipped on Sentinel guns, it does not perform its Ammo-conversion function.

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