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There Should Be Monthly Ladders With Rewards, Add Some Sort Of Competition With A Motive.


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Each month there should be a total kill count ladder, and a survival and defense one on a specific mission only.


Reason Survival and Defense should be on one new specific mission is because having it on multiple missions is pointless, as the only thing that really changes is what faction you are up against.  Yes the level type as well, but lets face it, no matter what level you on, you gonna use almost the same strategy, Snow globe, bastille and so forth.


Top 100 receive a free rare mod end of month and top 10 will get around 50 plat first place 200plat or something.

Clans top 3 will receive a trophy or something. (or instead of plat a lot of credits instead)


I having hard time finding something to do in game, and I think this will give people like me something to work on.

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