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Kubrows and Kavats



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20 hours ago, Psyender_naut said:

Can These pets still die perminately if we dont dna stableize them the nutrio upgrade things doesnt say imediately puts them in stasis anymore so i need to ask here for help

DNA stabilisers are to maintain bonuses now. Loyalty affects bonus damage and Health heh bonus Health. Kubrows lose both stats as they remain out of stasis but can only be petted three times a day. Kavats never lose Loyalty so petting your cat is more personal choice.

So what happens if these reach 0? Nothing at all your pet will just have basic health and damage stats only. The fear of a pet being perma-dead is long gone. Your pup falls in battle but you fail to get to him and revive - he'll just be on the Orbiter wagging his tail ready for more adventure no longer will he be taken forever.

Nutrio Incubator Segments now make all Stasis interactions instant without it you might need wait a couple of minutes before Lassie is fed and raring to get back out there and chew Grineer boots. Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment is required if you love cats and that's about it. Pets 3.0 is supposed to be due... soon where lots of stuff is being changed, we'll see where it goes though 😋

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