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[PC] {Oblitus Coniunctio} looking for new friends. MR0+


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We are a looking for new and active players to join us. We are a small but active clan with a relaxed friendly atmosphere. We have a core group looking to expand.

We accept any Mastery Rank, whether you’re new or a veteran. It is also preferable that members are 20+ years old, but not mandatory. No required donations. Our clan members mostly play on EU time zones primarly on weekday in the evenings and during the weekends throughout the day.

  • International.
  • Active Time: Evening (CET) and throughout the day on weekends.
  • All researches completed (except ignis wraith).
  • Fully built Dry Dock (Railjack).
  • Free for invite (Have friends? invite them too!).
  • Clan emblem.
  • Discord. (optional)
  • MR0-MR8 if inactive for 30 days or more you will be kicked.

Please, PM me here or send me friend request in game /friend add Eristede_Kell  or  /friend add edushadow21  /friend add GestaltZero

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