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Hello there, I have come to tell you all. thanks for being so damn awesome.

the game is breathtakingly epic, i was around back in the day. when warframe was first launched on steam.

my buddy had downloaded the game ( i was too poor to afford a pc at the time) and showed it to me, i fell in love with the game.

would always play it when i was hanging out at his house lol.

but now i have a pc of my vary own and have been playing it passionately. *with how much work has been put into it, pretty much a whole different experience in a good way*

and now i have a friend that come over to my place and we play warframe together haha

this game brings friends together, its truly a rarity.

i know all game have there short comings, some might say the grind is to much, or the lack of end game, ect.

but from what i have seen these devs do is mountains more than i can say about any other dev.

just want you all who read this to know. your freaking awesome, keep being awesome people!


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The game is in the best shape it has ever been. Devs definitely listen to player feedback, and they took seriously some of our complaints about lack of endgame. Personally I really like the direction the game is going with the recent changes. 

I also reinstalled after a 6mo break, and the new lighting has made the game look so good.

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As with anything there are always faults. But warframe is a great game that deserves praise. De has overall been great as compared too many other companies.

I eill keep cracking skulls for years to come just for fun. And well i do buy stuff at times to support de.  The game doesn't even have to cost anything if we don't want to.

My complaints have more to do with lousy rng moments which isn't really de's fault.

I slso hope thst ehen we get the whole duviri stuff the operaters will get major love from de.

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