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Trinity Energy Vampire


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Hey guys i just rewlized that the damage of the abillity energyvampire of Trinity is hardly overpowerd because i just killed Phorid just with this abillity the numbers shown me 11k dmg.


the same thing at Raptor but not so much dmg.


i don't checked other bosses yet but i think that was not planed.

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Yeah if you have focus and continuity on, you can do S#&$ tons of damage. On Phorid I do 7ks normally. EV is based on the current amount of hp your target has, so by placing WoL on a target, which gives that target 10x the health, your EV will do so much damages. The trick is to place EV on the target when WoL is half/near the end of its duration because when WoL ends the damage from EV will continue as if WoL is still on. With Phorid I dealt 12k~ damage and with Raptor I dealt around 1/4 of its hp every time I did the combo. It's how I got both nyx and nova pretty quickly. 


I don't know if this was intended but I love it on trinity and it keeps her useful even at high level missions and monsters. For once, I actually use all her abilities. 

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