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Infested Tendril/(Arm)Cannon concept


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Haven't been here in years. I originally posted this on the subreddit months ago, relatively speaking it didn't receive much attention, though more than I expected. In short I'm too fond of the idea to let it die, so I figured I'd put it here as well, though I'm not sure how many will see it.


Firstly, visualization:

Sadly I have no talent for artistry, so this Bullsquid will have to do.

Firstly, remove the legs and everything behind them.

The front of the gun would be a large mouth surrounded by a ring of retracted tendrils tipped with spikes. Another decent example would be Starcraft 2's Spinecrawlers, the arm would be inserted through the back, once again drawing on Half-Life for an example, think of Opposing Force's weaponized Barnacle.

Upon holding primary fire, the tendrils would extend, I imagine a 5-15 meter radius, and automatically seek out an enemy which they would then peck/stab at. One to two tendrils per enemy, they would deal chip damage, focusing more on stunning, status, and general CC. If this is too slow, I also imagine a gimmick similar to Phage's, holding aim on an enemy to converge all tendrils on it for a quicker kill.

Once an enemy has been killed, this is where it gets interesting.

Once an enemy is dead, the attacking tendril would then stab the corpse and begin dragging it back towards the player. Once it reaches the player, it would drag it into the gun's mouth, eating it, I assume, à la Grendel. This would grant the gun a charge.

Once the gun has a charge, you would be able to hold alternate fire to charge up and launch a large infested projectile dealing high AoE damage. Perhaps leaving something behind on the impact site, like a Tar Moa's tar. Or perhaps the projectile gains a special property based on the faction or enemy type consumed. This covers pretty much anything. 

As I said, I'm simply too fond of the idea to let it die without at least a little fight. I was curious how it would be received here, if at all. 

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Not sure about these specific mechanics but yeah, I feel like after the Sentients the Infested would be next in line to give us an Arm Cannon.

Maybe one of the "pure" Infestation strains from one of the upcoming Railjack Infested planetoids?

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