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All I Need For Volt (Please Take A Look)


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This uprising for a Volt fix following his controversial nerf, "The Great Short Circuit" I like to call it (in my head), has gone on for quite a while, longer than most outbursts against changes to frames, and with many more threads and comments made (most with some actually good suggestions)

And all that time, DE has said nothing on the matter. I emailed them, and the most I could get out of them was that he is under review.

If this review were more substantial than what I assume every frame is believed to receive, then why hasn't a public statement been made?

This thread is not for requesting changes X and Y be made to Volt. No, this thread has been made to request to know if DE has at least heard us.

Most every other frame that has had issues has at least received a public statement that they are in review, and usually get a fix of some sort shortly after. Volt? Volt gets nothing but energy color and idle hotfixes.

I almost don't care what you change about him. At this point, to see you guys go public and say "We are looking a Volt, a BIG change is coming, for the better" is as good as " F*** Volt, Sell him now, we're decommissioning him," because at least A. you guys communicated, and B. I know what direction to go with my favorite frame: Abandon him, or prepare him for the update of his career.

Please, DE. Talk to us.

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agreed, there have been SO many recent 'fix Volt' threads (including my own, which has gotten some attention) and DE has not said anything on the matter, they haven't even said 'we'll take a look at him' in public! I've said this before, and so has someone else, but Volt is like DE's neglected child that everyone hates for no reason

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While I have to agree Volt has problems, he's still at least semi-useful with shield and speed at least. I would like to see him have better damage output on non-corpus enemies. I've been able to get some good output on Crewmen and MOA up to like level 120 with a maxed focus and overload. (techs stop taking much damage at around level 80 according to personal observations.) but yes, I would like to see some better damage. So I totally agree with the original post.


Chances are if DE says they're working on it, they're working on it. Though, perhaps a question should be PM'd to one of the staff members regarding the matter. Most of them are pretty good about replying on the forums via PM. I'd PM Grineeer (aka Scott) and see if he has anything to say regarding the matter.

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