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Paraclesis build



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this is the build i use. the riven disposition is 3 so rivens might be a good choice too but i cant be bothered to get one. if you like heavy attack build i could try to make one.




i did some testing and changed a few things and you didnt want just builds you wanted a guild so. 


because you have to add 5 forma for max rank you can use very high drain mods very easily like the sacrificial mods. 

high base crit chance and and multiplier so crit is kind of a must. 

also high base status chance so status is also viable.


did some testing with heavy attack builds and they dont work that well on the paracesis.

the first build i send can take you through anything in the star chart and beyond but it slightly falls of when going very high level (might be different now with armor change but dont know) . this build was specially made for sentients because sentinet just ignore status effects.

second build can shred through anything i throw it at. it doesnt fit primed reach tho but thats just a personal preference and quality of life





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Stance: Tempo Royale

Obviously, Sacrificial Pressure, Sacrificial Steel, Organ Shatter

I use Primed Fury, (you may want Berzerker instead)

Drifting Contact and Blood Rush

I use Buzz Kill and Primed Fever Strike, (but these could be any elemental/base damage mods)

EDIT: I personally don't recommend Weeping Wounds or Conditional Overload, but either could work well in the last two slots. I would never put Primed reach on a full length sword/hammer or polearm, but some people really enjoy it. This build works quite well shattering sentients, and pretty much anything else - but it still suffers by comparison to 3 other melee weapons I also use. The main thing is the Senitent damage and speed. I would entertain the idea of Primed Fury + Berzerker, but I don't enjoy heavy swords enough to want to go prolonged melee only with it.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb AltheusV:

If you're thinking of Berserker, you might as well use Quickening, 40% speed and a combo chance increase all the time vs 30% after a crit.

Berserker stacks up to 75% 

and the extra combo chance is useless if you dont use combo based mods in this case bloodrush. some people might prefer higher attack speed

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