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Stop treating every newer resource type as "rare"


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This trend begin with the start of Raijack when DE treat all 4 new resource types that required to do the raijack quest, the game treat all of them as the shiny left-side-popup that usually only reserve for actual rare stuff like argon crystal, kuva, vitus and requiem relics.

Now, raijack has been released for months, not only those initial 4 resource no longer rare, but every - single - one of the resource types introduced with raijack. We collect them in thousands in some case, at at least 10 times for each type of them in long session. Yet the game use the UI element of something that should be reserved for one or two time per mission to bombard us with all the "clank" sound with every pustrels we collect. If you guys farming raijack resources at all, you know how annoying it would be. 

Imagine having polymer bundle, plastid, mutagen sample, ... or credit ... start to pop up loudly like that endlessly for a survival mission, or having you confused on whether that argon crystal that pop up is the one you just collected or the one you collected 4 rooms before that due to how the game would queue up every single credit you collecting on the way.

So please DE, stop treating every new resource types as another potential for UI disaster, A simple line in the bottom of the screen when we collect them is enough.


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4 hours ago, GKP_light said:
I do not agree.
it make farming railjack ressources more satisfying.

for the first few hours, may be.

but then you would reach the point when you have to farm titanium, and not having the immediate feedback of if the thing that pop up was the one that you just collect or the one u already collected 2 minutes ago due to the queue, like how i describe the argon crystal, is a real problem in titanium farm.


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4 hours ago, LuckyCharm said:

Or just auto collect the resources when things are killed. I mean theyre the same party wide and most of the party cant see them being collected anyway, so why not? Itd at least leave the important markers for part drops etc alone

"auto collect on kill" in a sense is similar to a large range universal vacuum, i prefer not talking about that here, may be in a different thread.

The whole squad do see what everyone collect as the "rare" pop up, which .... well now think of it ... that rare pop up must be the only UI element DE coded to display squad shared resource as a hack, so we stuck with it. It surely wasn't design to be used that way. "

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