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Bugged rail jack mission


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Not sure what all to include but this was the last mission I was on today.  March 12th at around 6pm est.  Got host migrated during a mission.  Had 3 crew ships left did that and a random dropped in and took care of the other objective.  No issues with that mission but the random user decided that instead of taking the rail jack back to the dojo to take it to another mission and then left.  This mission had no objectives and could not be aborted because the game said it was already finished.  Enemies kept spawning and would attack but since the mission was "complete" try as they might they could not destroy this borrowed railjack.  So I was trapped in an immortal railjack in a mission that could not be aborted.  Just enemies spawning endlessly attacking and dying to very little effort from me as in almost none in most cases.  Navigation did not work either.  I didn't loose anything from this besides the stuff I collected from a bugged mission but since immortal I don't think I need that stuff since well not really fair to get in the first place since took no effort to get and no worry about losing.

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