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Archwing rush orbiters dont take damage



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If youre referring to Phobos, Kepler, its been bugged since 27.2.2 dropped, and the only thing you can do is wait for a hotfix. There are some suggestions to get around it in the meantime in the oldest post I could find, but it may or may not work, and depends on what gear you have access to.

Here's the suggestions:


On 2020-03-11 at 5:06 AM, sam686 said:

This works on Rush mission:
itzal ability 3, cosmic crush, easily works just fine. But newer players may not have this Archwing itzal.

Melee attacks kind of works if close enough. Use Extend mod on arch melee for more melee range.


23 hours ago, sam686 said:

When I host or solo: My Fluctus Archgun can not destroy drones, it just shoots through it.

When I join a squad: My Fluctus Archgun can destroy drones and complete mission.


On 2020-03-09 at 8:02 PM, Azure.Fang said:

The hitbox for the drones has shrunk to near-0: to hit them with projectile weapons and melee, you have to pretty much be inside them, and even then maybe one pellet out of 30 makes contact. AoE weapons and abilities (like a close proximity blast of Odonata's Repel), seeking weapons like Larkspur (but not Odonata's Seeking Fire), and the blast radius from blast damage fired at the ship when a drone is passing by are all effective in damaging the drones.


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