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Is Riven Slots Too Expensive to Purchase?



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14 hours ago, Josephkwannn said:

I hope to vote for a change in the price of riven slots, so to make rivens more friendly to newer players, instead of letting them think they have to buy platinum to get more rivens. 

New players are DE's majority cash pig. DE has designed their "F2P" game around a model that somewhat pushes on the majority of impatient people to make a purchase for an immediate reward. If everyone came into the game being veterans, there would be an issue of plat flow in the economy. Veterans may purchase plat from time to time, but vets are a small minority in the MTX sales. Majority pushes the needle, and that's why the game is primarily marketed towards beginner/casual players. I agree I found the slots to be expensive, but I just decided not to spend traded plat on slots but just get rid of the rivens I wasn't using rather than hoard them.


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